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Our Story

Moist·U·R Beauty was created in 2020 to bring a solution to those who love glamorous products, but could't use it due to having sensitive skin. The owner Ify, was someone who loved to try new products, but her skin would break out not only her body but her face as well due to its sensitivity, leaving her to feel excluded. 

That is when she decided to start creating products for herself that could still be glamorous, but also catered to the health of her skin. Because she loves social media, she would post the things she would make for herself, and people would always want to purchase the things she would make because they noticed her skin clearing up, and people began to notice the natural glow.

After allowing quite a few people try out the skin and body products, they fell in love, and that is how Moist·U·R Beauty ("Moist-you-are") was born!

We hope you enjoy our products that were created with love!

Moist·U·R Beauty